6 Things You Should Never Give Up No Matter What

  You are 100% responsible for your life and living life on your terms means that the people in your life won’t always support your decisions. Taking more and more responsibility is a process we go through as we get older. As children we were free and life was easy. We allowed our parents to make all our decisions for… Read more →


A Thought Attitude Calm People Never Take (but don’t always realise)

      I’m proud of my mind and rightly so. I surprise myself with the wondrous fictions and nonsense I can think up. From the ways I excuse other’s poor behaviour to the stories I tell myself to justify doing things which may harm my well being in the long run (or short run) – my mind is a… Read more →


Six Truths Happy People Focus on When Life Gets Tough

      You’re normal. Normal people struggle from time to time. We all get down and everyone has difficulties which can feel frustrating or overwhelming. The difference between coping and suffering is always going to be your attitude. Whatever you focus on will grow. Focus on the negative and the negatives will be nurtured. Here are six truths to remember… Read more →


Five Ways to Love Like There’s no Tomorrow

    One of my jobs is hospice work. I look after the emotional and spiritual welfare of patients and their families. It’s a real honour to support people living with a terminal illness, both when still well and as their life ends. Of course it can be hard and I am often touched by the courage of people I… Read more →